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The M8 is the next evolution in Bell’s legendary M series design, incorporating traditional Bell styling, a huge eyeport for enhanced visibility, and unrivaled versatility, the M8 provides outstanding comfort, performance features, and value. The lightweight composite shell, superior ventilation, and extended size range make the M8 a great choice for racers of all types who want a multi-purpose helmet with a wider field of vision (especially for those who wear eyeglasses) that can be used in all forms of motorsports.

Features and Info


  • Lightweight composite shell
  • Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance
  • Versatile ventilation system direct flow front chin bar ventilation and upper manual lever air intake vents that can be opened and closed
  • Integrated channels in face piece offer multiple options to install drink tube and radio systems
  • M6 terminals for FHR anchor attachment and homologated for use with approved head and neck devices
  • Largest size range available in the Bell Racing product line
  • Large eyeport for enhanced vision
  • Synthetic rubber gasket seal to prevent dirt and water from entering the helmet
  • Shield and pivot kit: SRV-8, SRV-1
  • Homologation: Snell SA2015
  • Colors: White and Matte Black
  • Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

In The Box

  • M8
  • Clear SRV-8 Shield Installed
  • Manual Lever Air Intake Vents Installed
  • Draw String Helmet Bag
  • Plastic Tearoff Post Kit
  • 3 Stainless Circle Grommets
  • Hex Wrench Key



  • Snell SA2015
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SRV-8 3MM Replacement Shield

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Double Screen Anti Fog Insert (DSAF)

#2010214: 287 Rubber Anti Fog Insert V14 Gasket (DSAF)

SRV-8 Tearoffs

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#3408C4: 287 SRV Racing Optics Speed Stack (3) 4Mil
#2030003: 287 SRV Tear-Offs HQ .25MM (10)
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SRV-1 Pivot Kit

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Vent Kit

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#2060011: Circle Grommet Vent Kit (12PCS)
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HANS Post Anchor Pro Kit

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