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3MM injection molded optically correct polycarbonate face shield. The SRV-8 3MM shield uses the SRV-1 pivot kit, is compatible with tear-offs, used exclusively on the M.8 model and is available in a variety of colors. A double screen anti-fog (DSAF) insert is available to improve fog control. (Sold Separately)

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Product Variations and Related Items

SRV-8 3MM Replacement Shield

#2010201: SRV-8 3MM Clear Shield  

#2010202: SRV-8 3MM Light Smoke Shield 

#2010203: SRV-8 3MM Dark Smoke Shield 

#2010204: SRV-8 3MM Amber Shield 

#2010205: SRV-8 3MM Blue Mirror Shield 

#2010206: SRV-8 3MM Silver Mirror Shield 


SRV-8 Double Screen Anti Fog (DSAF) Insert

#2010214: 287 SRV / SRV-8 Rubber Anti Fog Insert V.14 Gasket


Racing Optics Tearoffs

#10208C: 287 SRV / SRV-8 Tearoffs Racing Optics X Stack (10) 2MIL

#3408C4: 287 SRV / SRV-8 Tearoffs Racing Optics Speedstack (3) 4MIL


Ultra Shield Tearoffs

#2030015: 2MIL 287 SRV / SRV-8 (Thin) Tearoffs 01223 (20PK)

#2030016: 5MIL 287 SRV / SRV-8 (Thick) Tearoffs 01523 (10PK)

#2030033: 2MIL 287 SRV / SRV-8 (Thin) Smoke Tearoffs 01223 (5PK)


Bell Racing Tearoffs

#2030005: Tearoffs HQ .25MM 287 SRV / SRV-8 (10PK)