Helmet Care and Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance are important in keeping your helmet in race-ready condition. The following exterior and interior care recommendations will help assure your helmet functions properly and is in peak condition.

Exterior Care

All Bell Helmets are finished with a tough, polyurethane coating which resists scratching. When cleaning the exterior of your helmet, only use the highest quality products that are used for automotive finishes. It is up to the consumer to take great care of their helmet to assure no accidental damage is done to the helmet that may compromise the safety factor of the helmet. Do not use any abrasive or solvent based cleaners on the exterior of your helmet.

Interior Care

The interior of the helmet is often susceptible to dirt and excess moisture. When cleaning the interior of your helmet, only use mild soap and water with a rag to hand wash the interior fit pad. When the interior of the helmet has become wet, allow the helmet to dry before putting it away for storage. We recommend properly drying and cleaning your helmet after every use to assure the best comfort level possible.