Jonathan Davenport

One of modern-day dirt late model racing’s most accomplished drivers, Jonathan Davenport has won just about anything and everything on the map. Aptly nicknamed “Superman,” the Blairsville, Georgia native has amassed some incredible feats over the years with his out-of-this-world driving style and risk-taking ability to perform the most daring of moves on the race track. His passion for the sport, especially winning, was instilled at an early age. Davenport entered his first go-kart race at the age of seven in 1991 and he won the first race out. Throughout his teenage years, Davenport advanced into the mini stock ranks, then started driving legend cars, and eventually pavement late models. He found plenty of success over the years, but a new challenge arose in the new millennium in the form of dirt late model racing. In 2015, Davenport and his crew chief/engineer, Kevin Rumley, were responsible for having arguably the most successful season in all of dirt late model racing history. He won his first-career Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and triumphed in a handful of Crown Jewel events. In total, Davenport earned over half-a-million dollars in race winnings. Read about several of Davenport’s accomplishments over the past few years: 2015 & 2018 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Champion 2015 Dirt Late Model Dream at Eldora (OH) Speedway ($100,000) 2018 Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 (NE) Speedway ($53,000) 2017 World 100 at Eldora (OH) Speedway ($50,000) 2015 USA Nationals at Cedar Lake (WI) Speedway ($50,000) 2015 North/South 100 at Florence (KY) Speedway ($50,000) 2015 World 100 at Eldora (OH) Speedway ($48,000) 2016 Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 (NE) Speedway ($40,000) 2015 Show-Me 100 at Lucas Oil (MO) Speedway ($30,000) 2015 Prairie Dirt Classic at Fairbury (IL) American Legion Speedway ($26,000) 2017 Hillbilly 100 at Tyler County (WV) Speedway ($25,000)
Blairsville, Georgia
Late Model