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A design departure for Bell, the Vador incorporates a menacing moto-inspired design, natural breath deflector, and pilot-style shield. The Vador features a lightweight composite shell, comfortable interior, and rear facing vents to prevent dust and dirt from entering the helmet. Perfect for racers who demand aggressive styling and view intimidation as a competitive advantage, the Vador is designed for use in challenging racing conditions including drag racing, karting, and dirt track racing. All Vador sales are final and will not be available for returns.

Features and Info


  • Lightweight composite shell
  • Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance
  • Integrated channels in face piece offer multiple options to install drink tube and radio system
  • Rear-facing Venturi airflow system allows air exchange and circulation while preventing dust and dirt from entering the helmet
  • M6 terminals for FHR anchor attachment and homologated for use with approved head and neck devices
  • Synthetic rubber gasket seal to prevent dirt and water from entering the helmet
  • Shield and pivot kit: 289 SRV, SRV-1
  • Homologation: Snell SA2015
  • Colors: White and Matte Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

In The Box

  • Vador
  • Clear 289 SRV Shield Installed
  • Draw String Helmet Bag
  • Plastic Tearoff Post Kit
  • Hex Wrench Key



  • Snell SA2015
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Vador Matte Black

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289 SRV 3MM Replacement Shield

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289 SRV Tearoffs

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