Bell Racing Introduces Redesigned GP.3 Formula Helmet

Bell Racing USA is pleased to announce the inclusion of a redesigned GP.3 in the 2016 product line. 

The GP.3 combines traditional F1 styling, an innovative chin bar air intake system and manual lever top vents for maximum ventilation and leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The Snell SA2015/FIA8859-2015 GP.3 is a fantastic choice for open wheel, formula racers and karters who demand superior features, light weight and excellent fit. The GP.3’s shell is made using Bell’s proprietary high-pressure molding system for improved strength. The redesigned GP.3 features a front aero chin bar, an ultra-lightweight carbon composite shell, pro-style grey interior for outstanding comfort and a three front air intake vents that forces air into the helmet's forehead vents for maximum ventilation. The direct flow upper and lower chin bar vents on the front of the helmet help to increase airflow and prevent shield fogging. For additional fog control, the GP.3 has an optical grade injected Double Screen Anti Fog (DSAF) shield, with variable thickness exceeding 5mm in the field of vision that works in conjunction with Bell’s innovative hollow synthetic rubber gasket seal to set a new standard for clarity, visor seal and fog control. 

The GP.3 has been designed to work with Bell's aero kits including chin bar gurneys, top gurneys and rear spoilers to configure the helmet for all open wheel and open compartment forms of racing depending on aerodynamic requirements and environment. While the GP.3 has a front aero lip and chin bar designed into the helmet, these aerodynamic kits enhance helmet performance to provide greater helmet stability at higher speeds. 

The GP.3 is certified to the Snell SA2015 and FIA8859-2015 standards. The GP.3 incorporated M6 terminal hardware into the helmet shell and accepts anchor systems. 

The GP.3 takes an SE03 shield which features the SV (SE03/SE05) pivot system and thumb tab on the drivers left side to allow for easy shield operation. The GP.3 incorporates Bell's redesigned face piece with recessed areas that allow for seamless radio integration and easy installation. Racers can also customize the fit of the GP.3 by using Bell's Cheek Pad Inserts in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes to tighten the fit in the cheek area. The GP.3 is available in size 6 3/4 (54) to 7 5/8 Plus (61+) in the white and matte black colors. The GP.3 is also available in a carbon version featuring an ultra-lightweight shell made using Bell’s high-pressure molding system for reduced weight and improved strength in sizes 7 1/8 minus (57-) to 7 5/8 Plus (61+) in carbon finish. 

The GP.3 retails for $699.95 and the GP.3 Carbon retails for $899.95. Both versions will be available in March 2016.