Bell Introduces Industries First Multi Use Forced Air Racing Helmet

The Bell tradition of leading the helmet industry in innovation and superior engineering continues with the BR.1. The Snell SA2015 BR.1 is the first model in the industry that can be used as a traditional helmet, side forced air or top forced air helmet. By utilizing an innovative kit system, racers can now customize the BR.1 to adapt to their individual needs, different seat configurations and other forms of racing throughout their career.

The BR.1 features a lightweight composite shell, leading-edge styling, aero front lip and a large eyeport. The standard BR.1 is sold in the rear vent configuration featuring a Venturi air exchange system. As air flows over the helmet, the Venturi effect increases cooling inside the helmet and prevents the shield from fogging by creating a vacuum that pulls airflow through the helmet. The BR.1's rear facing chin bar vents and top vent provide ventilation while preventing dirt and dust from entering the helmet. These features make the BR.1 and outstanding choice for racers competing on dirt.

Thanks to the versatility of the BR.1, racers no longer have to choose between a side forced air or top forced air model. By installing either the side (left) forced air or top forced air kit (sold separately), the BR.1 becomes a full ventilation forced air helmet. By using the kit system, racers can easily switch the BR.1 to the desired configuration for their type of racing. The BR.1 incorporates Bell's air chamber technology to increase pressure and accelerate airflow (when used with an external forced air system) to maximize airflow for improved ventilation and comfort. Customers have the option of buying forced air kits with either the traditional 1.5 inch diameter round or standard barb nozzle or the Quick Lock nozzle.

The Quick Lock forced air nozzle that locks the forced air connector in place yet allows for easy release when it’s time to exit the vehicle. The Quick Lock nozzle can be used with traditional 1.5 inch diameter forced air hoses by using the following air adaptor kits that connect the hose with the Bell Quick Lock nozzle. 

The BR.1 also features Bell's redesigned face piece with recessed areas that allow seamless radio integration and easy installation. Racers can also customize the fit of the BR.1 by using Bell's Cheek Pad Inserts in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes to tighten the fit in the cheek area. The BR.1 takes a 281 SRV Shield, SRV2 Pivot System and each helmet comes with a clear shield and Bell visor strip as standard equipment. The BR.1 has M6 terminals installed in the shell for use with head and neck restraint device anchor systems. 

The BR.1 retails for $499.95 and the Air insert kits retail for $39.95 and are also available in matte black or white colors and is available in sizes small (57) to extra large (61+) The BR.1 is now available for sale.