Bell Introduces Carbon Series Line For 2016

The Bell tradition of leading the helmet industry with engineering innovations continues with Bell’s new 2016 Carbon Series line of Snell 2015/FIA8859-2015 helmets for including the RS7 Carbon, GP.3 Carbon, GTX.3 Carbon and M.8 Carbon.

Bell’s new Carbon Series combines Bell’s exclusive high-pressure compression molding system to reduce weight and improve shell strength, improve comfort with a multi-density fit system and provide versatility with innovative design options that meet the needs of pro racers in all disciplines of motorsports.

RS7 Carbon

Based on the HP7 design and built for high speed open cockpit forms of racing, the RS7 Carbon uses and innovative shell and shield design to improve acoustic comfort, aerodynamic performance and energy absorbing capabilities. The sleek, aerodynamic design features and advanced ventilation system with 14 intake and extraction channels with air intake covers. The RS7 Carbon is available in three versions: RS7 Carbon, RS7 Carbon with Front Chin Bar Gurney and RS7 Carbon with Ear Cups. The RS7 Carbon can also be adapted for use in closed car forms of racing by purchasing top forced air kits specifically designed for the helmet. The RS7 Carbon is available in sizes 57 minus (57-) to 61 Plus (61+) and retails for $1,299.95.

GP.3 Carbon

The GP.3 Carbon combines traditional F1 styling, versatile air intake system and ultra-lightweight Carbon shell with leading-edge aerodynamic performance. The GP.3 Carbon is a great option for open wheel, formula and kart racers who demand professional features, performance and comfort. The GP.3 Carbon’s improved shield integration, double screen anti-fog (DSAF) visor, rubber gasket seal and manual lever closable air intake vents provide maximum ventilation and clear vision in the most demanding racing environments. The GP.3 Carbon is available in two versions: GP.3 Carbon and GP.3 Carbon with Ear Cups. The GP.3 Carbon is available in sizes 57 Minus (57-) to 61 Plus (61+) and retails for $899.95. 

GTX.3 Carbon

The GTX.3 Carbon features an ultra-lightweight Carbon shell and sleek aero styling including, front chin bar gurney and integrated rear wing for enhanced aerodynamic performance at higher speeds. Built specifically for dirt track forms of racing, the GTX.3 Carbon’s integrated shield, rubber gasket seal, double screen anti-fog (DSAF) visor and rear facing vents allow air exchange and clear vision while preventing dust from entering the helmet. The versatile GTX.3 Carbon provides industry-leading performance, professional features and is an ideal choice for racers competing in the open wheel / open compartment, formula, karting and dirt track forms of racing. The GP.3 Carbon is available in sizes 57 Minus (57-) to 61 Plus (61+) and retails for $899.95.

M.8 Carbon

The M.8 Carbon is the next evolution in Bell’s legendary M series design concept incorporating traditional styling, enhanced visibility and versatile features allowing the helmet to be used in all forms of racing. The M.8 Carbon provides next-level comfort including an ultra-lightweight carbon shell, pro-style interior, superior ventilation with manual lever air intake vents and a large eyeport. The M.8 Carbon is a great choice for racers who want an advanced, lightweight, multi-purpose helmet with a wider field of vision and updated Bell styling and performance. The M.8 is a great choice for racers who wear eye glasses. The M.8 Carbon is available in sizes 57 Minus (57-) to 61 Plus (61+) and retails for $799.95.