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The Sport EV is an extended vision helmet with an extra-large, see-it-to-believe-it eye opening designed for racers who want maximum visibility. The all-purpose Sport EV, incorporating classic Bell styling and a wide range of features, is the perfect choice for racers who wear eyeglasses or simply prefer the feel of an open-face helmet with the protection of a full-face helmet.

Features and Info


  • Composite shell
  • Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance
  • Direct flow forehead vents and rear facing Venturi airflow vents allow air exchange and circulation
  • M6 terminals for FHR anchor attachment and homologated for use with approved head and neck devices
  • Extra-large eyeport for maximum visibility (4.5 inches – largest in the Bell product line)
  • Shield and pivot kit: 288 SRV, SRV-1
  • Homologation: Snell SA2015
  • Colors: White and Matte Black
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

In The Box

  • Sport EV
  • Clear 288 SRV Shield
  • Draw String Helmet Bag
  • Hex Wrench Key



  • Snell SA2015
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