Bell Racing® and RainMaker Solutions® Announce Partnership to Bring New Safety Technologies to Helmets

Friday December 15, 2017

December 7, 2017— In the ongoing quest to make motorsports equipment safer, Bell Racing and RainMaker Solutions announced today the introduction of a revolutionary technology designed to securely connect race helmets to fresh air systems. Under the MAGLOCK® brand, this invention relies on rare earth magnets to create a completely sealed connection that is powerful enough to withstand the extreme demands of on-road and off-road motorsports racing, yet can easily break free in the event of emer-gency.

“Our team of Biomedical & Mechanical Engineers, Physicians and Designers have spent two years developing and extensively testing this product in everything from NASCAR & IMSA to the Baja 1000,” said RainMaker founder, Ed Jaeger. “and I can con-fidently say that our technology will enhance driver performance and safety. Alt-hough it might look simple, developing this proprietary technology involved sourcing and machining magnets to a precise spec, so that the coupling holds up to the ex-treme conditions in the cockpit, yet assures optimal safety for the driver.”

The innovative, patented design employs a unique, Airtight O-ring™ to hold the MAGLOCK® components together with nearly 35 pounds of tensile force, the connec-tion is solid, but can also be broken by a small amount of pressure from an oblique angle. The MAGLOCK Air™ is the first of its kind and the first offering in a line of new products from RainMaker to bring magnetic coupling to the vital, often consequential link between athletes and their equipment.

“As a leader in safety, Bell Racing takes a progressive approach to developing and ad-vancing innovations that enhance driver protection and performance and have em-braced MAGLOCK as the future for connecting our helmets to on-board systems,” said Bell Racing USA President and COO Kyle Kietzmann. “We have seen too many instanc-es where drivers struggle to free themselves from their cars especially after a crash and MAGLOCK offers a quick and reliable solution.”

The quick, “one-hand operation” of MAGLOCK® is also changing the often sluggish process of driver changes. 7 time AMA Champion and Professional Driver Ricky John-son said, “MagLock is the first product to come along in years that enhances both driver safety and performance all in one extremely well thought out package. Con-necting and disconnecting from the forced air system has always been one of the most frustrating parts of my job, especially in a race setting when every second counts. In endurance races we instantly shaved several crucial (and often vital) sec-onds off driver changes with the MagLock Air™ helmet to hose connection. Now I break free from the forced air system precisely when I need to exit and no longer have to search for the hose upon entry. The hose is conveniently docked on Mag-Lock’s Landing Pad™ whenever not in use. Not only is it easier than ever to hookup, I no longer need to worry about my hose coming lose at the wrong time or my helmet being stuck attached to the car in an emergency.”

“The introduction of MAGLOCK Air™ means that drivers no longer have to wedge hoses onto barbed fittings and deal with duct taping or wiring them into place,” Mr. Jaeger continued. “Magnets are consistent and predictable; they come together and break free by design.”

Made in USA, with an MSRP of $299.95, the MAGLOCK Air™ comes with a one-year warranty and everything needed for easy installation.

The MAGLOCK Air™ will be distributed by Bell Racing USA. For more information con-tact 800-237-2700.

About Bell Racing
Bell is the world’s leading auto racing and karting helmet manufacturer and industry pioneer in advancing innovation and safety in motorsports since 1954. The Bell name is synonymous with quality, technology, engineering excellence and a progressive, continuous approach to improving head protection and enhancing driver perfor-mance. More Champions in all forms of racing have worn Bell than any other brand. Bell auto racing helmets are sold to professional and amateur drivers and enthusiasts through a world-wide network of specialty safety equipment distributors and retail-ers.

About Rainmaker Solutions
RainMaker Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer specializing in innovative medical and safety technology; pushing the boundaries of science through advanced engi-neering to enhance human performance and recovery.

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Bell Racing® and RainMaker Solutions® Announce Partnership to Bring New Safety Technologies to Helmets