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Manu Urcera is part of the select group of the most important pilots in Argentina. 2019 was his most important year, where he was champion of National Tourism and runner-up in Tourism Highway, two of the main categories of the country. He is passionate about sports, so he trains and performs various activities every days. Every summer, he performs a preseason in Spain, together with the Campos Racing team from Formula 2- category previous to Formula 1-. His image transcends motorsports. In addition to being the cover of specialized publications in sports, Manu was interviewed by Gente y Caras, two of the largest magazines transcendence at the national level. On social networks, his followers exceed 93,000 among Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. His beginnings were in Motocross, between 1997 and 2010, years in which he won 10 championships, where the Summer Enduro, Class 2T, in 2009 and 2010 stand out. Subsequently champion of TC Neuquino and monomarca Gol runner-up. In 2014, he was runner-up in TC Pista with a Chevrolet, and in 2015 he debuted in Road Tourism and Super TC2000, the most technological category in South America, with the official Fiat team. In 2017, he became part of the official Citro├źn team, and in 2018 it returned to Tourism Class 3 National, thus competing simultaneously in the 3 most important categories of Argentina, where it remains a benchmark until today.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
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