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Tech Sheet

Mag-9 1316001


The Bell Mag-9 is the latest evolution in Bell’s classic open-face helmet design. Featuring a high-tech composite shell, sleek and modern profile with an adjustable, integrated visor peak, the Mag-9 is perfect for racers who want the feel of an open face helmet but demand professional features and outstanding comfort and performance.

$529.95 Size: S (57), M (58-59), L (60), XL (61-61+)   Color: White  


SKU Product Price
#1316001 Mag-9 S (57) White $529.95
#1316002 Mag-9 M (58-59) White $529.95
#1316003 Mag-9 L (60) White $529.95
#1316004 Mag-9 XL (61-61+) White $529.95