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Tech Sheet

GT5 Touring

GT5 Touring

Based on the HP5 design, the GT.5 Touring is designed primarily for closed car forms of racing and offers high-end features and performance at an affordable price. The versatile design allows the GT.5 Touring to be used as a large eyeport helmet with a standard shield or an open helmet with an adjustable visor peak that combines the feel of an open face with the protection of a full face model. Comes with clear shield installed and visor peak included.

$699.95 Size: S (57), M (58-59), L (60), XL (61-61+)   Color: Matte Black, White  


SKU Product Price
#1315001 GT5 Touring S (57) White $699.95
#1315002 GT5 Touring M (58-59) White $699.95
#1315003 GT5 Touring L (60) White $699.95
#1315004 GT5 Touring XL (61-61+) White $699.95
#1315011 GT5 Touring S (57) Matte Black $699.95
#1315012 GT5 Touring M (58-59) Matte Black $699.95
#1315013 GT5 Touring L (60) Matte Black $699.95
#1315014 GT5 Touring XL (61-61+) Matte Black $699.95