The world of professional sports is filled with classic Type A personalities, the control freaks who have to have their hands in everything and can trust no one. Think Bill Parcells in the NFL and Pat Riley in the NBA. Scott Bloomquist isn't like that. Then there are the drivers and athletes who take the other tact. They prefer to concentrate solely on what they do best and allow others, the crew chief and tire specialist, for example, to handle all the other details. There are plenty of successful people who fall into this camp, too, but Bloomquist isn't one of them, either. 

Somehow, the Super Dirt Late Model driver and team owner manages to be both. He is famously hands-on, to the point of building his own chassis in order to get exactly what he wants, but he's also willing to give those select few he trusts vital roles in his operation and he allows them to do their jobs. It's an odd mix of obsessive compulsive and laid-back, but Bloomquist has made it work to the point that he's arguably the most successful and popular Dirt Late Model driver working today.

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