Alex Gurney Tests Delta Wing

Bell Sponsored driver and two-time Rolex Daytona Prototype Champion Alex Gurney, All American Racing’s chief test driver and director of marketing became the first driver to test the Delta Wing on track.

The test took place February 29th at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in California followed by a public test on March 13th in London, England with Gurney pulling the Turbocharged Nissan 4-cylinder powered Delta Wing onto the track at 11:56 am for a series of additional tests. Gurney made a slow loop around the pit garages for an initial systems test and remarked, “Well, it turns.”

At higher-speeds on track, Gurney reported that there is absolutely no lean and the car doesn’t take a set – it just turns in. To learn more about the Delta Wing, read the following Road & Track web article: